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Horse Problem - Natural Horsemanship Halter/Lead Rope - How to tie/turn the lead into reins










QUESTION: How do you tie/turn the natural horsemanship lead rope (that is attached to the halter) into reins?

REPLY: Below is a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to tie the natural horsemanship lead rope into reins that you can ride with.



The natural horsemanship halter is already on the horse here. I'm showing here the opening that you are going to feed the end of the lead rope into. Separate the part of the halter rope there under the horse's chin so that you see a clear middle.

 Feed the end of the lead rope through the hole there, going from back to front (toward the horse's chin).

Here's what it will look like as you start to feed the end of the lead rope through the middle of the hole there on the halter underneath the horse's chin.

 Pull the rope through with your left hand.


Next, while the end of the lead rope is still hanging through the hole, but not tied off yet, take what are now the beginnings of unbroken reins and put them over the horse's head -- we're going to measure how long the reins need to be now for this particular horse.

Bring the reins over and down the neck.



Measure out a distance where, if the horse were wearing a western saddle, the reins could loop over the saddle horn easily, but not so tight there that you couldn't easily put slack in the reins when riding.

This is about right, what you see here.

Now that you have the length you want the reins to be, you're going to tie off the excess end of the lead rope (or reins). Start by looping the end of the rope around the knot, like you see me starting to do here. 


Continue to bring the end around the knot and make a circle around the knot as you go.

Pull the loop snug as you go.


Next, loop the end around and underneath the previous loop.

Keep winding the end of the lead around the knot, but below the previous loop until you get a shorter tail toward the end of this winding-around process.


Next, take the final tail end of the lead and feed it through your last loop you made there, like you see me doing here.

After feeding that last bit of tail under your last loop, now pull the end down tightly to lock in your remaining tail, tightening everything snugly. Make sure your tail isn't too short there, because you don't want it to run the risk of slipping back through the last loop there.

And you're done tying the lead rope into reins!

Next, review with your horse neck yielding, first from the left side (using pressure and release) until the horse yields consistently and softly with the rope rein on that one side. 

To learn more about how to teach your horse to yield the head, CLICK HERE.


Now review neck yielding on the opposite (right) side. It's important that the horse understands and complies with a quick, soft yield-give consistently and equally on both sides when the smallest amount of tension pressure is applied. Work on this longer on the ground if needed until both sides are equal and the gives are easy and soft.

Remember to scratch and reward the horse warmly when he gets things right!


After all your ground foundation has been laid down, you can now ride your horse with the natural horsemanship halter/12-foot lead rope tied into reins like you see here, and the horse will understand all your directives because you have already taught him everything safely on the ground first!

When you've taught your horse everything he needs to know, clearly and safely on the ground first, which I teach in my
Whispering Way™ 12-Step Total Training System DVD Program, you can then ride them safely with the natural horsemanship halter & lead rope tied into reins!


The Whispering Way™ Natural Horsemanship Halter and Lead Combo
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The Whispering Way™ halter and lead combo is the cream of the crop of natural horsemanship training tools today. Plus it is machine washable and pre-stretched to hold its size and shape for years to come! Available in six sizes for the perfect fit.

I've worked with quite a number of different NH halter/lead combos over the years -- this is truly the only one that passes all of my stringent tests! --Sylvia Scott, Whispering Way™ Natural Horsemanship Training

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