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Horse Problem - Bareback Mounting - Getting on a horse when bareback









QUESTION: Hi, I ride with a saddle sometimes, but mostly bareback. I have a pretty short horse, and so I can get on fine. Even though sometimes I can't, I can lead him over to a rock or something, and get on, but I was wondering if there is any good way to get on from the ground with a taller horse, when there's nothing around to get on from. Thanks!

REPLY:  Aside from trying to find something to climb on (like a mounting block, fence, rock, secure log, etc.) to mount your bareback horse from, usually you also can position your horse on the lower side of an incline (you uphill from them) to shorten the mounting-bareback distance. But there's also a way, if you're athletic enough, to mount a bareback horse from the ground fluidly. Natural Horsemanship trainer GaWaNi Pony Boy teaches this method of bareback mounting (visually with pictures as well as clearly in words) in his book Horse Follow Closely (on pages 82-87). You can find that book in any major book store, or you can find it online here: Horse Follow Closely

Hope this helps!


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