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Round Pens




Where To Purchase Round Pens

    NOBLE ROUND PENS are strongly constructed of 15 gauge American-made 1 5/8" OD round galvanized steel tubing with a 65,000 lb yield strength.
    NOBLE ROUND PENS are designed to be the best and safest horse panels available today.
    Sylvia recommends for natural horsemanship training getting 6' high 6-rail panels to make a 60' round pen with an 8' tall bowgate. It takes less than an hour for two people to put it together easily and securely.
    Here's what Sylvia likes about the NOBLE ROUND PENS:
    • Smooth surface all around with no protruding hardware on the inside of the pen to injure the schooling horse.
    • No kicker leg which can catch a horse's leg and potentially injure the horse.
    • At 15 gauge galvanized steel, the pen cannot be damaged easily if horse kicks or runs into the panels.
    • 6' high panels discourage the horse from jumping out of the pen.
    • Flat, even top surface bars with no gaps between panels, preventing horse from getting hung up/injured.
    • Space at the bottom of each panel is large enough for a human to escape if necessary.
    • 8' tall gate has horse shoe latch that allows for quick exit when needed, keeping trainer safest.
    • Very easy for 2 people to put together quickly yet extremely securely with the clamp system.
    • Quick delivery. Some round pen manufacturers can take 8-10+ weeks for delivery. Noble has quick delivery, 10 days to 2 weeks if you are across country.


51756 Fruitvale Road

Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

Phone: 1-800-437-3966

Or: 541-558-3966

Fax: 541-558-1405

General Information & Customer Support Email:


Web site:

Click here for Noble round pens

To watch step by step as the
Noble Round Pen goes up at the
Sylvia Scott Natural Horsemanship
Training Center
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    Safety Note: If you purchase a round pen that has a gap between panels, plug those gaps with the innovative new product designed by to enhance your horse's safety by filling the gap where two standard corral panels are connected. They are perfect for round pens, stalls, arenas, and gates. Panel caps add a uniform finished look to your panels and gates. Panel caps are made of tough, durable plastic and are hinged to conform to any angle up to 90 degrees. Panel caps offer an easy, inexpensive solution to modify your round pen into a safer environment for you and your horses. The reason these are needed when round penning a horse in a round pen with gaps between panels: if a horse comes up and a leg gets caught in a gap between the panels, the horse's leg can be seriously injured. To learn more about and order panel caps, click on the picture:

Click here for panel caps

Covered Round Pens - Roofs

Click Here for Carousel Buildings Round Pen RoofsClick Here for Carousel Buildings Round Pen Roofs

The Carousel Buildings Round Pen Roof System is the only round pen roof on the market that is patented and is center support free! Carousel Buildings are a patented Truss System for round pen or pavilion roofs. Located in Southern Indiana, but shipping to the world, Carousel Buildings will send you the complete package of materials needed to assemble the roof system, a list of materials found at your local lumber yard, diagrams for assembling your roof system, and a complete manual on how-to's. Visit our web site (click on picture above) or call us today for your quote or for more information. Phone: 812-596-3300

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