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"Hearts of Iron" New CD - World-renowed wild horse expert and talented country-western singer, Willis Lamm, along with a few other great talents, have announced the launch of their new CD, Hearts of Iron!
Hearts of Iron tells stories of wild horses, cowboys, the old west, the "new" west and related subjects through original western music as well as cowboy poetry recited with musical accompaniment. This album includes some of the most popular original performances by Willis Lamm, Tawnie Lee and Larry McPherson, and also includes a special guest appearance by Lacy J. Dalton. Contributing to the poems and lyrics are internationally recognized cowboy poets Harold Roy Miller and Dave Rhodes. This is a special collection that anyone who loves the west and western things should enjoy.

In Willis Lamm's words about Hearts of Iron:

    Many of us have written songs about what we knew or believed in. Nevada is extremely rich in western history, folklore and interesting characters. So we had plenty of material to work with. Most of us are affiliated with various non profit groups that protect wild horses, historical preservation groups, performing arts groups, organizations that support the great outdoors, organizations that watch over veterans and families of military personnel sent overseas, and so forth. We wanted to share our experiences and ideas in an entertaining format that could also help raise funds for these organizations. Thus the project grew from a simple idea to record some songs so that they would be preserved to producing a professional quality CD that could be enjoyed by many and accomplish some good things. At public performances we experimented with cowboy poetry set to music. "Little Brown Horse" was well received so we decided to incorporate two poems in this project, "Little Brown Horse" and "We're the Riders." Larry McPherson's rich baritone voice was a natural for "We're the Riders" and we're pretty sure we'll be hearing more from Larry as the genre of cowboy poetry set to music gains in popularity. Tawnie Lee's songs are always popular and she can be heard on "Shoshone Winds," "Then, Again," and "Wild Horses." Lacy J. Dalton contributed a rendition of her beloved, "Run Mustang Run." Song Dog Records, where we recorded this project, is located right in the middle of wild horse country. Three wild horses were literally hanging out under the trees outside the studio when we recorded this album. This entire project has been a serendipidous experience and we hope you enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

    Willis Lamm shared with me a song he wrote and performed on the CD, called "Coming Home" that he has written and dedicated to our son Trevor Scott, who is serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. In Willis' words about this song: Nearly all of us have friends and loved ones who are serving overseas in uniform or are families of military serving overseas. Coming Home is about the experience of the soldier who is finally getting back to his family and is dedicated to fine people like Randle Thomsen, Trevor Scott, and all the others who have put themselves in harm's way when their country called on them.

    I'd like to direct you to a link where you can sample-listen to the final rough mix of this wonderful, touching piece, sung by Willis Lamm -- Coming Home:

This song and many more beautiful pieces fill the new Hearts of Iron CD. Check it out!

To order first edition copies of Hearts of Iron, send $15.00 to:

            Kickin' Back Publishing
            C/O Sharon Lamm
            11345 Silver Lane
            Stagecoach, NV 89429
            (We'll pay the postage.)

    The Hearts of Iron CD will be available wholesale to non profit groups, veterans groups and family assistance groups for fundraising. If local horse groups want ten or more CDs wholesale to sell for fundraising (most of the tracks are horse or cowboy related), they can also contact Sharon Lamm. For more detailed information: CLICK HERE

The Rhythm of the Ride by Mary Ann Kennedy - Check out this album by a very talented horse woman and singer, Mary Ann Kennedy -- you can listen to samples of her beautiful songs as well as download to your MP3 player: CLICK HERE

If you know of some good horse music website links, Contact Sylvia Scott.


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